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The Lite-Trac crop sprayer mounts onto the SS2400 tool carrier. Our stainless steel tanks are available in capacities of up to 8,000 litres, whilst Pommier aluminium booms of up to 48 meters can be fitted, making these Europe’s largest four-wheeled self-propelled sprayers.

The tank is mounted centrally between both axles to maintain equal weight distribution on all four wheels and a low centre of gravity whether empty or full. This complements the SS2400′s light footprint, minimizing compaction whilst maintaining excellent traction and stability.

Auto boom levelling is a standard feature and makes use of the variable geometry boom and ultrasonic sensing to ensure the spray nozzles are always at the optimum height above the target whatever the terrain. This helps to ensure minimal spray drift. We also install Trimble or TopCon GPS spray controllers with rate control, auto section shut off and automatic steering.

Systems for suspension fertilizer application are available with tanks of up to 5000 litres.

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