Farmers Guide: January 2011 Entry

In the last year Lite-Trac has been working hard on further product development to maintain a market leading tractor and spray pack. A big development area has been maintaining boom stability with the large 36+ meter boom on offer; this has lead to latest tractors being fitted with anti-roll bars to reduce suspension sway and also the continued development/improvement of Lite-Trac’s own Auto Boom Level system.

The new Auto Boom Fold system reduces time when entering and exiting the field. Headland management now reduces speed and engages four wheel steer at the headland when the last spray section shuts off reducing operator fatigue during long spray days, it also can be operated as cruise control on the road. Increased hydraulic supply now means that full pump rate of up to 1300 litres/minute can be achieved even at low engine revs, this combined with new driveline ratios have combined to significantly reduce fuel consumption of the SS 2400 tool carrier tractor unit.

W.T. Garford Contracting has now been running a Lite-Trac SS 2400 tractor with a Lite-Trac 5500 litre, 24 meter demount sprayer for two years, it manly operates on OMEX suspension fertilizer contracts. Mr Garford has received lots of positive feedback from farmers and also outstanding output from the Lite-Trac setup which has lead to further orders from OMEX contractors who are looking for more output.

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