Profi International: Massive Capacity Lite-Trac

With a tank capacity of 8,500 litres, Lite-Trac is laying claim to the biggest capacity British built four-wheel self-propelled crop sprayer. Built for a UK customer it uses the SS2400 skid unit and is kitted out with a Pommier aluminium boom spanning 48m. The unit has a 50:50 weight distribution, can be shod on 800mm wide tyres and achieve application speeds of 20km/hr.

Source: Profi International (please click here to see the original article with images)

“Our aim with the Lite-Trac SS2400 series was to develop the highest capacity two-axle self-propelled sprayer available on the European market” says the firm’s managing director Paul McAvoy. “Our machines are extremely versatile and are capable of operating efficiently with the highest payloads, the biggest booms and the largest tanks available, without sacrificing manoeuvrability.”

The spec list on the SS2400/48 extends to pneumatic suspension and an on road top speed of 50km/hr. The unit can have GPS steering and automatic section control. The centrifugal pump is rated at 1,380 litres/min.

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