Midland Farmer: Europe’s biggest agricultural crop sprayer on show

A 8500-litre crop sprayer with 48m booms (pictured below) will made its debut at Lamma after more than three years continual development. Manufacturer Litre-Trac claims its SS2400/48 machine is Europe’s largest four-wheeled self-propelled  crop sprayer. The new crop sprayer, which has been built for a UK customer, is the largest model available in the company’s SS2400 range. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of large scale arable farmers and contractors who require an easy to operate, simple to maintain, high capacity crop sprayer with a light footprint and the ability to apply low rate chemicals and high rate liquid fertilisers. “Our aim with the SS2400 series was to develop the highest capacity two-axle self-propelled crop sprayer available on the European market” said Lite-Trac founder and managing director Paul McAvoy. The LITE-TRAC SS2400 is the only four-wheel, high-capacity self-propelled crop sprayer that provides equal 50/50 weight distribution between both the front and rear axles – whether running empty or at full capacity, said Mr McAvoy.

Source: Midland Farmer (please click here to see the original article with images)

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