The Lite-Trac SS2400 is a tool carrier with a 14 tonne payload capacity. The patented chassis layout with its mid-mounted driveline gives equal weight distribution on all four wheels, producing exceptional traction and a light footprint for minimal compaction. The innovative design of the SS2400 gives its operator exceptional access to difficult or previously unreachable areas of land.

The fully mechanical driveline is particularly suited to heavy work in hilly conditions and includes a 6 speed automatic power shift gearbox with locking torque convertor which is capable of 50km/h. The 260 horse power (194kW) engine has plenty of reserve for the most demanding of applications.

Air suspension and anti-roll bars provide an outstanding ride for both the operator and the payload.

With output and reliability in mind all automatic features from the gearbox to the boom folding system can be manually overridden.

Other features include a forward mounted cab for high visibility and tried and tested demountable equipment for wet spraying, suspension fertilizer application, lime and fertilizer spreading, and precision granular application.

Technical Specification

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Engine: Cummins Qsb 6.7

  • 4 stroke, turbo charged diesel
  • Tier 3 emissions
  • Power output, 260 hp (194KW) @ 2500 RPM
  • Torque 728 lb-ft (990Nm) @ 1500 RPM
  • 33% Torque reserve
  • 420 litres fuel capacity
  • Cooling fan controlled by Engine ECU
  • WABCO compressor water cooled 15 CFM
  • 60 litre air tank

Transmission: Dana 36000 series

  • 6 forward, 3 reverse power shift
  • Auto or manual gear change
  • 50 Kph road speed
  • Permanent 4wd
  • Full 100% diff-lock each axle
  • Auto lockup torque converter


  • 12000 Kg/axle dynamic load rating
  • 2050mm width
  • 10 stud pattern (335 pcd)
  • Electro/hydraulic diff-lock


  • Front and rear axles on triple link A-frames
  • 4 airbags and 4 shock absorbers per axle
  • Adjustable system pressure depending on load
  • Adjustable axle ride height
  • A-frame and tramp bar joints are replaceable metalastic bushings
  • Front and rear anti roll bars


  • Hydraulically charged dual circuit system
  • In board axle brakes
  • Sprung on/power off in board park brake, automatically applied in “PARK”


  • Triple gear pump: First 14cc per rev for front axle steering. Second 14cc per rev for rear axle steering and brake charge. Third 16cc per rev, tractor spool valve
  • Eaton load sensing pump, 80cc per rev running from PTO 1, variable speed
  • Optional Eaton load sensing pump, 80cc per rev running from PTO 2
  • 8 spool valves standard for demount sprayers


  • Open centre hydrostatic front axle
  • Selectable fully automatic alignment at any time rear axle steer, auto safety lock to central position if power failure
  • 4.5 metre turning radius (depending on wheel width)
  • Adjustable offset crab mode to reduce compaction


  • Forward control with 360 ̊ vision through safety glass, rubber mounted.
  • Air suspended driving seat and command-arm control console, with Murphy engine control display panel, demount controls and displays
  • Cushioned instructional seat
  • Foot throttle with auto rest hand throttle to maintain field speed, linked to master spray
  • Foot brake
  • Short throw power shift lever with park position to apply park break and drop access step.
  • Bluetooth radio/CD player
  • Storage drawer under seat
  • Storage compartment behind passenger seat
  • Safety switch on seat for transmission cut out
  • 2 way radio fixings pre-wired
  • Front work lamps
  • Double flashing beacons
  • Carbon cab filter
  • Electric adjustable mirrors

Rowcrop wheel options

  • Adjustable centres are fitted to all row crop wheels
  • 480/80 R50 Michelin AgriBib tyres
  • 380/80 R50 Firestone tyres

Flotation wheel options

  • Flotation wheels are fitted with fixed rims
  • 800/70 R38 Michelin AxioBib tyres
  • 800/70 R38 Michelin MachXBib tyres
  • 800/70 R38 Firestone tyres
  • 710/70 R42 Michelin MachXBib tyres
  • 710/70 R42 BKT Agrimax tyres
  • 650/85 R38 Michelin AxioBib tyres
  • 650/85 R38 Michelin MachXBib tyres
  • 650/85 R38 Kleber tyres
  • 520/85 R46 Michelin Agribib tyres
  • 520/85 R46 Continental tyres

Headland management

  • Auto switching between two and four wheel steering
  • Auto switching between application and turning speeds
  • Controlled by Trimble GPS spray controller


  • 12v system which is pre-wired for demountable attachments


  • 3644 mm wheelbase
  • 7400 mm total length
  • 3000 mm maximum width
  • Un-laden weight share of 4420 Kg on the front axle and 3780 Kg on the rear axle
  • Maximum gross vehicle weight 24000Kg


  • GPS auto steering from Trimble FMX unit
  • Xenon worklamps


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