Crop Sprayers

The Lite-Trac crop sprayer mounts onto the SS2400 tool carrier to create the UK’s highest capacity selfpropelled sprayer. Our stainless steel tanks are available in capacities of up to 8,000 litres, whilst Pommier aluminium booms of up to 48 meters can be fitted, making these Europe’s largest four-wheeled self-propelled agricultural sprayers.

The tank is mounted centrally between both axles to maintain equal weight distribution on all four wheels and a low centre of gravity whether empty or full. This complements the SS2400’s light footprint, minimizing compaction whilst maintaining excellent traction and stability.

Auto boom levelling is a standard feature and makes use of the variable geometry boom and ultrasonic sensing to ensure the spray nozzles are always at the optimum height above the target whatever the terrain. This helps to ensure minimal spray drift. We also install Trimble or TopCon GPS spray controllers with rate control, auto section shut off and automatic steering.

Systems for suspension fertilizer application are available with tanks of up to 5000 litres.

Technical Specification

(Download pdf)


  • 4500 litres to 8000 litres
  • 304L grade stainless steel
  • Tank is mounted between axles with low centre of gravity
  • Combined 600 litre clean water tank
  • 50 litre clean water priming chamber for centrifugal pump
  • Cross tank baffles
  • Front tank lid fitted is with can wash for chemical induction from the platform behind the cab
  • Rear tank lid for maintenance access
  • Clear tube sight-gauge
  • Dry sight gauge, float operated


  • All main plumbing is in stainless steel
  • 3’’ suction pipes with built in stainless steel suction filter
  • 2’’ pressure pipes with pressure filters
  • Near side low level 30 litre chemical induction hopper on raise and lower linkage for easy use with can drain tray and auto-wash
  • 6 metre 3’’ suction filling hose
  • Flow meter for accurate part automatic filling, with auto pump stop
  • Rate control using 50mm pinch valve
  • 2″ Arag or Krohne flow meter (depending on application) for spray rate control
  • Application rate control is flow based
  • Stainless steel back-frame mounted pressure filter
  • 1” or 3/4″ inch stainless spray line, depending on application
  • Quadruple or quintuple nozzle bodies at 500mm spacing, equipped with two standard nozzles of customer’s choice
  • Electrically controlled air shut-off valves, wired for 12 sections


  • Hypro centrifugal 790lpm or 1380lpm (depending on application)
  • Hydraulic driven by load sensing pump which gives constant output  from engine idle through to full RPM
  • Pump with variable speed control from cab for high and low rates
  • Auto pump stop at ground level


  • 24m to 48m
  • Aluminium, heavy duty construction by Pommier
  • Auto fold in and out single switch
  • Variable-geometry system for independent tilting of left and right hand booms
  • Auto boom adjustment to a preset work height with crop mode settings
  • Auto boom levelling system to maintain preset work height across the boom
  • Auto resetting mechanical spring loaded break-backs (working forwards and backwards)
  • Hydraulic break-back at middle boom hinge, reset from the cab

Control system

  • Trimble or TopCon GPS control system
  • Compatible with GPS for auto section shutoff of up to 48 sections
  • Manual control of 10 sections
  • Complete manual override facility allows continued operation in the event of GPS controller failure
  • Variable rate, flow based control
  • Field mapping


  • Large storage cabinet on offside of tank
  • 20 litre clean water hand wash tank
  • 2 external airline quick fit points

Demount frame

  • Electrostatic 2 pack paint finish in golden yellow
  • All electrical, air and hydraulic connections are to tractor rear bulkhead
  • All electric valves, ECU and air valves mounted in sealed stainless steel cabinet


  • External LED display for tank contents
  • Fast fill pump, Hypro 1800 LPM
  • Fast fill port, 2″ or 3″, with shut off valve
  • Up to 48 sections on boom, using Trimble GPS control equipment
  • Auxiliary hydraulic or manual folding break backs at bi-fold center hinge for spraying at 24 meters
  •  Suspension fertilizer equipment; 316 stainless tank and spray line, nozzle valves, nozzles, 1380 litre/min pump.


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