Increase the capacity of your spraying operation with a Lite-Trac mixer bowser.

With a large chemical mix tank and a 1000 litre clean water tank the bowser provides a you with all the facilities you need to fully prepare chemical loads independently from the sprayer.

The tank can be filled via the induction hopper, the bag filter or an agitation tube and powerful agitation keeps the load well mixed. The front platform provides generous working space, a big area for chemical pallets and a fast 50 litre chemical induction station.

The 65km/h road speed allows you to get to the field quickly, where outlets on both sides of the chassis give flexibility when parking alongside the sprayer. All plumbing is 3″ for high flow rates and filling can be via pressure from the integral Pacer pump, suction from the sprayer, or both simultaneously. Once unloaded, wash heads allow you to efficiently clean the tank.

Lite-Trac bowsers are available in sizes to suit your needs.

Technical Specification

(Download pdf)


  • 65km/h fast tow
  • Front platform with induction hopper station, front and side access gates
  • Air and oil brakes with ABS
  • LED commercial road lighting
  • LED amber rear beacon

Tank and plumbing

  • Stainless steel tanks suitable for chemical and liquid fertiliser
  • Chemical tank section available in a range of sizes to suit your operation
  • 1000 litre clean water tank section
  • Tanks are baffled for road use
  • Wash heads in chemical tank
  • Dry sight gauge for chemical tank, sight tube for clean water tank
  • 1060 l/min Pacer pump with Honda engine
  • 3″ suction and pressure pipework
  • 50 litre induction hopper with twin can wash, draining board and hand lance
  • Agitation tube
  • High capacity bag filter
  • Anti-vortex sumps
  • Suction inlet, pressure outlet and direct outlet ports on both sides of chassis


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