Tank Master

The Lite-Trac Tank Master is a tank contents monitor built on state-of-the-art microchip technology, specifically designed for monitoring storage tanks, sprayer tanks or bowser tanks of any shape up to 10,000 litres in capacity.

The unit is intended to replace old fashioned sight gauges which are often inaccurate, cloudy and difficult to read. It is a cheap alternative to other available electronic gauges which are normally pressure based and complicated to install.

System features

  • Easily installed, even on existing tanks
  • Easily calibrated to suit the size and shape of tank
  • Wide range of applications, including fuel, oil and various chemicals
  • Remote display box can be mounted anywhere on the tank, machine or trailer
  • Large ultra-bright display, readable at long distance and in full sunlight
  • Mirror function button allows vehicle drivers to safely view readings in mirrors
  • Extremely reliable float type tank sender unit
  • Wide range of sender lengths available
  • Steady contents readings, even on the move
  • All wiring looms supplied

Available “pre-programmed” for OEM tank manufacturers

Tank Master is not intended as a highly accurate application tool, but rather as a valuable aid when filling, emptying and monitoring tank contents.

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