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About the Company

The first prototypes of our Tool Carrier were built in 2004. Following the success of initial testing,  in 2008 the company began to develop and manufacture the SS2400 Tool Carrier with its unique, patented chassis layout.

To exploit the full potential of the SS2400 chassis, we have developed our own demountable crop sprayers and are now branching out in to spreading and granular application.

As we started explore market opportunities the SS3000 was design in particular for the slurry market and for a prototype for the rail industry.

2018 saw the launch of the LT350 Multi-purpose Tool Carrier.  The unique design of the Lite-Trac tool carrier provides a 18t load capacity with weight spread evenly across all four wheels with a high-spec power drive.

There are both rear and front linkage options with power take-off available.  This makes the tool carrier incredibly versatile with many applications across agriculture and other industries too.

The tool carrier already has a variety of de-mount systems available including a high capacity crop sprayer/spreader from 4,500-8000 litres up to 48M, a 13,000 litre vacuum tanker and a 12t lime/fertiliser spreader.

Over the last few years we have been designing and building pneumatic boom spreaders for field trials applications, mounted and trailed for the contracting market.

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