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Redesigned and updated, our website is now live and launched in preparation for Lamma 2013. Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Lite-Trac at LAMMA 2013

Stand B14, Avenue W

Introducing: The LITE -TRAC SS2400/48, a 48-METRE. 8,500 Litre Self-Propelled Sprayer.

EUROPE’S LARGEST FOUR-WHEELED SELF-PROPELLED SPRAYER will make its début appearance at LAMMA 2013. The product of more than three years continual development, the  LITE-TRAC SS2400/48  features 48-Metre  Pommier (Aluminium) booms and a capacious 8,500 litre tank to  maximize the output of this high-capacity crop sprayer’s outstanding performance ability.

The new sprayer, which has been built for a UK customer, is the largest model available in the LITE-TRAC SS2400 range. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the large scale arable farmer or contractor who requires an easy to operate, simple to maintain, high capacity sprayer with a light foot print and the ability to apply low rate chemicals and high rate liquid fertilisers with equal ease.

“Our aim with the LITE-TRAC SS2400 series, was exclusively, to develop the highest capacity two-axle sprayer and spreader range available on the European market” says LITE-TRAC founder and Managing Director Paul McAvoy “ Our machines are extremely versatile and capable of operating efficiently with the highest payloads, the biggest booms and the largest tanks available, without sacrificing any of the control experienced with other, smaller machines”

The LITE-TRAC SS2400 is the only four-wheel, high-capacity crop sprayer built that provides perfectly-even 50/50 weight distribution between both the front and rear axles – whether running empty or at full capacity. The patented chassis design, (which utilizes centrally positioned modular engine and transmission units), features a stainless steel demountable tank and independently oscillating (A-Frame mounted) front and rear axles. The free movement of the axles, combined with LITE-TRAC’s ultrasonically monitored full hydraulic auto-levelling boom system, offers unrivalled stability on rolling terrain and the ability to make fast manoeuvres without fear of the booms ever touching the ground.

Other features on the SS2400/48 include Auto-boom folding with single-switch operation, full GPS auto-steer capability and automatic section control with the ability to individually control each of the sprayers 48 boom sections, ensuring exceptional accuracy. An automatic pre-programmable part-filling feature, allows as little as 1000 litres to be loaded, the SS2400’s variable rate centrifugal pump (1,380 L/Min) ensuring consistent operating pressure at the nozzles and increased service life.


  • 48 Metre Pommier Aluminium Booms
  • 8500 Litre Tank Capacity
  • Patented Chassis design with 50/50 weight distribution.
  • Variable Speed Sprayer Pumps with choice of capacities
  • Optional 800 Section Michelin Axio-Bib tyres
  • High Application Speeds (up to 20 Km/h)
  • Standard 50Km/h road speed
  • Automatic boom levelling, with auto-section control
  • Height adjustable air suspension

LITE-TRAC Sprayers are available with Trimble or Top-Con GPS systems.

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